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Girls Tech Playground was created as a community for young girls to explore the world of digital technology by playing with different digital tools to produce great designs, websites, mobile apps, audio-visual media, animations.


By being part of our community girls can learn digital skills together in a fun way that translates into your everyday life and allow to discover a career field that resonates with your personality and interests.


We believe education should serve as a process of individual discovery and stimulate interest to learn.


Driven by passion for education, we are committed to empower millions of girls with digital skills to allow them to follow their career dreams and become successful and dynamic women of tomorrow.


Girls Tech Playground is the project of Empowerment Lab non-profit association founded in 2017 in Geneva by human rights advocate Marija Musja. Having come from Estonia, but being half Ukrainian, Marija initiated a project as a response to the socio-economic instability and political turmoil in Ukraine. The percentage of the workshop contributions n Switzerland are used to fund the same sessions we hold in remote areas of Ukraine where girls lack these opportunities to play and learn. 

We allow girls to rediscover technology,

as an opportunity for personal fulfilment 

At the beginning of the digital revolution women were the leaders of technological innovation. For the last half-century women were largely excluded from technology development of the society and today, digital expertise is usually seen as the preserve of boys and men. 

Code in Creativity souhaite offrir de nouvelles perspectives professionnelles aux jeunes filles ukrainiennes en offrant des cours liés aux technologies créatives grâce à leur plateforme de e-learning.

See how it all started with the project in Ukraine

Changemakers: Marija Musja

Marija Musja is a human rights lawyer and activist having worked on high profile cases for Amnesty International and the OSCE. As the founder of Empowerment Lab she is bringing coding and media training to girls in Ukraine, thereby defending their right to dream.

Annual Report 2017

Young people today are not only looking for a safe and secure job but also value to the wider community. They have a lot of empathy and commitment to work together for common goals. 


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